Things Girls Have To Do In The Shower:
-shampoo hair
-condition hair
-wash the face (have you ever tried to get makeup off)
-wash the body
-try to get conditioner out & fail to get it all out
-did i mention shave that takes a long time
-like summon satan and stuff

Things Boys Have To Do In The Shower:
-i dunno i think my brother uses soap sometimes

Don’t complain when my shower’s not 5 minutes long

POZ Stream: Steady Hands - “Pretty Good Year”




Steady Hands (ft. Modern Baseball members) are releasing a brand spanking new EP called Brandy Of The Damned on August 19th via Lame-O Records. PropertyOfZack is excited to be announcing the EP today with the artwork, track listing, and also a stream of “Pretty Good Year” from the release. Pre-order here and check out all the details and stream the song below!

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